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Kit M. Foreman


After years of corporate HR work and seeing the struggle to un-do histories of bad human capital management, Kit started her firm in 2009 to help growing businesses establish healthy cultures as a foundation for future success. Her mission is to help turn small businesses into great employers, offering solutions that are founded in cultural principals of values, ethics, and service. Kit brings common sense strategies to issues and concerns unique to growing businesses without in-house HR support, with an emphasis on developing strong cultures while managing risk.

In her quest to help businesses grow strategically, Kit has assembled a network of talented and experienced professionals providing consultative services in strategic business, operational, management, and technical areas.


Kit has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and the Senior HR Professional Certification from HRCI. She is also an engaging and dynamic speaker on topics of interest to business owners and managers including Creating a Harassment-Free Culture in Your Business and Stress-Free Performance Management.

Knowing that risk management and optimal organizational performance is important, Kit leverages her 25 years plus leadership experience providing guidance in all areas of Human Capital Management. Kit helps companies become the Employer of Choice – that is, a company that people clamor to work for.

Kit M. Foreman's Values for Strategic Performance Solutions