Cutting Corners in Your New Business Could Cost You More Than a Corner

NEWSLETTER Cutting Corners

No matter how great a boss you think you are going to be, there is a 100% chance that at some point down the line you will have to justify the way you handled an employee matter. Maybe you calculated overtime pay and forgot to factor in a bonus. Perhaps a job applicant you do not even remember claims you discriminated against them. Or, it could also be as simple as a terminated employee filing for Unemployment benefits.  

 Regardless of whom, when, or why, the first notification will always demand you produce the following documents – an Employee Handbook and a specific Job Description. 

And, if you want the best odds of a favorable outcome, you’d better have both, they had better be up to date, and they had better be written well enough to provide protection for you and your business.  

With all the expenses related to starting a new business, many owners put off spending the money for these basic compliance pieces, thinking they will take care of it further down the line. Worse yet, they copy materials from a colleague, or a website – better than nothing, yes, but that is like borrowing a pair of shoes for the color without worrying about the fit. They look fine standing still, but when you need them to take you somewhere, they are useless!  

An even greater justification than risk management for these two critical Human Resources Management tools is Performance Management. Having clearly stated expectations helps you hire a better “fit”, and once hired helps you keep the employee’s productivity high and conflict low. Once you establish this as “standard practice” in the way you operate your business you will avoid the majority of management headaches other business owners regularly experience. Skipping the HR Management documents to save money is clearly a penny-wise, pound-foolish decision.  

There are plenty of resources for these materials, and the prices are somewhat consistent for personalized work. The advantage of using a local Human Resources Management consultant, however, is that you have a resource available on an on-going basis to help you connect-the-dots between the compliance (risk management) element and the Performance Management piece. A consultant who knows you and your staff, what your business goals are, and most importantly, how to guide you to leverage your human capital to achieve your business goals. Ask us how we can start you off with a strong infrastructure that will support the growth you anticipate while helping to protect you from adverse employment-related actions. 

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