My Values

My practice is based on the belief that the most successful businesses are those with a strong alignment between who they say they are and how they act daily.


I am a profoundly content woman, grateful for the simplicity of my life and the good people in it. This includes a deep gratitude for the trust my clients and my referral networks put in me; I will not take this for granted.

Giving back: I believe the measure of a society is how well we care for the weakest among us, and I give my charitable dollars and time to those causes. As part of my work with you, I will encourage my clients to identify giving opportunities based on their own values as a part of creating a culture that your customers and employees can respect.


Regardless of the length or scope of my work with you, I promise:

  • Well defined deliverables within specified timeframes.
  • Responsiveness.
  • Respect for your resources.
  • The humility to accept feedback.
  • No excuses.


"No Surprises" billing: My clients need never fear the monthly invoice.

Candor: The best outcomes are achieved when we have an understanding that there are no sacred cows. Brave leadership requires truth.

No Kickbacks: As I promise to be a good steward of your resources and to avoid conflicts of interest, I do not accept commissions or finders fees when other professional services are referred. I request their fees to you be offset accordingly.

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