Culture Building & Performance Management

HR as Third Party  

Employee Relations issues can distract from your mission, affecting morale and ultimately, your bottom line. Having an HR consultant "on call" to discuss issues on an ad hoc basis gives you confidence that you are taking steps to minimize disruptions to your business while managing the risk of potential employee actions against your company.  


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Your High Performance & High Appreciation Culture

Culture is who you are. You should give no less thought and effort into your Value Proposition as an Employer than you do to your Value Proposition to your customers. Let us map out a systematic strategy to change your organization into one that people are appreciative to be able to work for.  

Exit Interviews & Summary of Trends

We will send all employees that leave your company a link to an Exit Interview personalized for your company and provide you semi-annual and annual reports to assist you in identifying trends to reduce turnover. 

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Additional options are available.

Does your team need coaching for invaluable soft skills?  Would you like to schedule Anti-Harassment training?