Kit Has Been Instrumental

"I have been extremely pleased with our working relationship with Kit Foreman. As a growing company with 100+ employees, we have consistently been raising the bar within our Human Resource activities. After communicating concerns with our legal team, we were introduced to Kit. Kit has been instrumental in the creation of anti-harassment guidelines, training, and culture within our organization. The training has provided essential guidelines for all employees to follow. Most importantly, she has created a procedure for reporting and handling complaints of harassing behavior, discrimination or retaliation. Her training keeps your attention, opens your eyes, and provides all employees with essential tools for interpersonal behavior. Kit has helped us, "set the bar at zero tolerance for ANY uncivil behavior." Thank you, Kit!"

Josh Spangler, Owner
Spangler Restoration
Charlotte, NC

Genuine Interest of Our Company's Success

"For our company, Kit has been a great resource and a catalyst in producing human resource solutions specific to our needs.  Her attention to detail and consideration to the uniqueness of our company created a large impact when our newly revised Employee Handbook and Anti-Harassment training were presented to us and our employees.  Kit's continued accessibility provides reassurance in her genuine interest of our company's success and her efforts in her continued education gives us the confidence that we will continue to be compliant with her help." 

Todd Irion, President
EMS, Inc.
Columbus, OH

Kit Has Helped Successful
Business Growth

"In the past 3 years, Kit has been instrumental in helping us as we've grown our business from 5 to 75 employees, by offering recommendations that took into consideration our ability to comprehend and implement them and with a strong emphasis on building our vision, mission, and culture." 

Patricia Glick, BCBA, LBA
Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer
Marra & Glick Applied Behavior Analysts, PLLC
Islandia, NY

Costly Line Items Were Brought Under Control

Our healthcare practice began an aggressive phase of growth when Kit joined us.  We nearly doubled our staff to the current level of fifty.  Before Kit,  the practice had no middle management, and upper management managed only when time permitted, and it did not permit much.  Accordingly, all those costly line items that make up employee costs like PTO policy, unapproved overtime, and effective employee scheduling were brought under control thanks to Kit's implementation of heretofore nonexistent policies.  As a result,  MVD's employee costs have decreased by about 2%. How about employee handbook, ongoing compliance issues, and strategic planning?  Yes and yes and yes.  How about development of the "culture?" Three years ago I did not know we had one, but we did and it was a damn good one, and Kit helped us develop and promote it."

Harvey Vesha, DDS
Merion Village Dental
Columbus, OH

Supports Our Overall Vision

"Kit has been a fantastic asset to our business as it grows.  She graciously challenges us, our team and our leadership, while supporting our overall vision at all times.  From strategic planning to communication details, she is on it!" 

Shayne Fixari, DDS
Fixari Family Dental
Columbus, OH

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